Sweepstakes winner's decorating project is complete

The family room makeover for the Stainmaster “Great Fall Fix-Up winner is complete…and completely gorgeous!

The lucky winner lives in Catonsville and Invista (the company that creates the fibers for Stainmaster carpet) chose me to design the room for the winner.

The room is finally complete and the winner “D” is very happy with the results. When I met D he had mauve plush carpet throughout his home. It just screamed 1980 and was also looking a little worn. D asked for a space where he could enjoy listening to music, watching movies and relaxing. The first thing we did was visit Aladdin Carpet in Gaithersburg and picked out D’s new Stainmaster Carpet. As soon as it was installed the entire room looked so much better.

Family room before

Before the make-over the family room was cold, cluttered and dated

I created a space that is calm, warm and inviting based on a color pallette of caramel and mossy green with red/burgundy accents in the artwork. The space begins with a long hallway that was poorly lit and being used to store record albums and a yoga ball. Now the hallway has an elegant and functional credenza with a pair of lamps, modern track lighting and a careful display of his meaningful collections. The mirrored front on the credenza keeps the hallway feeling wide and light and the solid doors conceal his collection of books which used to be displayed on open bookcases creating a lot of visual clutter.

This formerly unused space now sets the tone for the room beyond

This formerly unused space now sets the tone for the room beyond

On the opposite wall a few steps down is a collection of art that is interesting and in keeping with the colors of the space but more importantly they each have an emotional connection to D.

The one piece that is immediately appreciated when you enter the hallway is the custom built media cabinet at the end of the hall. It looks like a marriage between a card catalog and a display hutch. It is holding D’s extensive collection of cd’s and movies. The cabinet is a true work of art and was designed and created by Mark Pawlak (a close friend of D’s).

custom media storage cabinet

Custom cabinet built by Mark Pawlak

The sitting area is near but not centered on the fireplace. This is to accommodate traffic flow to the back door. The fireplace was not used so we lined the interior with faux stainless steel and added large, chunky pillar candles. They are actually flameless and run on batterries so they never need to be replaced and there is no fire risk.

The armless chairs provide movement and texture due to their pattern. This keeps the room interesting since everything else is solid. (only one chair is pictured)

Warm and inviting family room

The difference between the before and after of this room is dramatic. The bland decor and mauve carpet have been replaced with Stainmaster Carpet and warm colors.

D is thrilled with his new room and says he is now proud to invite his friends over to watch movies. He feels that this room now reflects his personality and provides him a space where he can easily relax and unwind.

You don’t have to win a prize to get the room of your dreams. I can work with any size budget and project. If you would like help making your rooms more welcoming and functional, contact me at 443-812-6339 or at jill.valeri@verizon.net.

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