How to Create a Calm and Elegant Master Bedroom

R needed help creating a more feminine master bedroom where she could relax. I have been working with R on her master bedroom suite since the end of October. She contacted me after she purchased new (massive) furniture for her room. She was a very good customer and the furniture salesperson must have been pleased. She bought the entire suite and even bought two of the tall chests and a third nightstand.

master bedroom's massive bed
The master bedroom’s massive bed

There was no overhead lighting and only 2 small bedside lamps. The ceiling fan had no light and was a very modern style. The bed visually merged into the floor. The space was all dark finishes and hard surfaces. R wanted a more feminine space where she could relax.

New furniture lined up against the wall
New furniture lined up against the wall

All of the furniture was lined up on the wall.The furniture feels like it is standing at attention. There was no sense of balance. Again, a very dark elevation.

There was also this space. It was probably supposed to be a sitting area but it had 2 single and one double door as well as a large window. This space did not offer an obvious solution for furniture placement.

An awkward space in the master bedroom
An awkward space in the master bedroom

Her master suite is very large but it still felt overwhelmed. You never would have expected me to bring in even more furniture.Through careful furniture placement and editing (I removed the third nightstand) we were able to create the bedroom area, a dressing area and a sitting area in a space that was previously only comfortable when you were in bed.

These photos were taken today right after I hung all of the art. The room is not styled and the camera is not professional. I just couldn’t wait to share these images!

Baltimore area master bedroom
The master bedroom now has a sitting area at the foot of the bed.

The awkward space is now a dressing area. I moved both tall dressers into this space, added a rug, bench and mirror. This is now a convenient, comfortable and elegant space for R and her husband to begin and end each day.I chose a second, more traditional rug for the space in front of the bed.

Awkward space turned into a dressing area
Awkward space turned into a dressing area

The traditional rug incorporates the gray, yellow, and chocolate colors found in the art and the bedding. It also coordinated well with her existing custom curtain panels.

Ethnic art chosen by my client
Ethnic art chosen by my client
This is one of 3 new pieces of art that R chose for her room. She requested ethnic pieces. I sent her links to several choices and she selected the ones that spoke to her. Art is a very personal thing that should be chosen with input from the client to be certain that it has the right emotional impact.The inspiration piece is the framed picture on the wall in the photo below. She already owned it but we had it re-framed with a triple mat. Originally there was no mat and the frame was right up against the image.
Bed-facing wall in master bedroom
The furniture is no longer lined up like soldiers
The furniture is no longer lined up like soldiers I still need to add some stacked rattan cases beneath the picture for balance (and storage). They will be in a dark rattan finish and have the added benefit of covering the outlet.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the results of this project. It was a lot of fun and R has been a joy to work with.
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