Peaceful, serene guest bedroom

I recently completed a guest bedroom project that I am excited to share. The project started when the room had some water damage and the carpet had to be replaced. As with many decorating projects, this had a domino effect. The conversation went something like this…”Since we are changing the flooring, wouldn’t it be nice to paint the walls and finish taping/sanding/painting that one wall we never really completed? And while we are at it, let’s change the colors. The yellow feels tired…which means we need new bedding and…” You get the idea.

So out with the old bedding. Out with the fabric that was hanging behind the bed (it concealed a small window), out with the dresser (it moved into the very large dressing area), out with all of the miscellaneous nic nacs and accessories that had ended up in the room (all extra decor ends up in the guest room).

Serene guest bedroom

The artwork inspired the color scheme

We chose a soothing aqua blue for the walls and brought in a slant top desk as one night stand and an old sewing table (with the sewing machine still inside) as the other night stand. Some new art came in and was the inspiration for the color scheme. The bedding and side chairs’ colors can be found in the art.

sewing table as night stand

The old sewing table is topped with a painted lamp that used to be brass, a crystal clock and a silver bowl for loose change.

We added a floating mantel shelf above the fireplace which is accessorized with a framed painting that has sentimental value and we filled the fireplace with battery-operated candles.

Fireplace with floating mantel

The accessories are minimal to enhance the serene mood of the room

To deal with the awkward windows (this is in a basement with those awful little windows) I found some vintage wood exterior shutters and painted them white to match the baseboard trim. These are mounted in front of each window, including the one in the adjoining bathroom. They are far from perfect and add a lot of character to this room (which had no interesting architectural features.

Old exterior shutters as an indoor window treatment

Old exterior shutters get a new life indoors

The bathroom didn’t get much attention. Mostly a new set of towels, a closet stocked with extra blankets and a folding luggage rack to help guests unpack. I did add a large glass jar full of bars of soap (I chose Dove soap for the shape, color and scent), a soap dish and covered dish that holds cotton swabs.

The room was completed just in time for the arrival of pre-Thanksgiving guests who gave it their 5-star rating.

This room was completed in a short time on a short budget. If you would like help making your guests feel welcome, please contact me at 443-812-6339 or

‘Til next time,

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