News coverage for the ellicott city decorator show house

I opened up my copy of The Howard County Times this morning and right there on the front page…The 27th Annual Historic Ellicott City Decorator Show house! I am so excited. The article included several pictures with even more on-line. The reporter interviewed several of us and The Welcome Home was quoted extensively.

Unfortunately, one of my quotes was taken out of context. I was discussing how the homeowners made several important decisions regarding the trim color, vanity and sink and how my hands were tied in many ways. What they left out was how this more accurately represents what it’s like to work with clients and it is our job as the professional to see these constraints as opportunities to apply our creativity to a project. I hate that I sound a little negative in that quote in the paper. I really like the homeowners and the choices they made were really nice. They just aren’t choices made by me.

You can read the entire article here

Since my space was difficult to photograph you don;t get to see it in the paper. You just have to come out and see it for yourself!


‘Til next time, make yours a

Welcome Home

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