Returning from vacation is easier when you love your home

I just returned from two wonderful, life-changing, awe-inspiring weeks in Italy. We decided that this was the year we would take our three children to Italy. My husband’s family is all Italian and we even visited the small town his grandfather grew up in.

Italian village of Strangalogali

All of the homes had flowers at the windows and climbing the walls.

We stayed in pensions, agriturismos and small European hotels. I found them all on my own after many, many hours of research and they were all great. We immersed ourselves in Italian culture, language and FOOD!

I found so much inspiration. The cities, countryside, mountains, ruins, sculptures….

The view of Agriturismo Quisisanna (small red building on the side of the mountain)

The view of Agriturismo Quisisanna (small red building on the side of the mountain). We had a view overlooking Naples, Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Assisi as seen from Agriturismo Girasole

We had this view of Assisi from our bedroom at Agriturismo Girasole.



I took over 400 pictures and my husband took almost 1,000. I plan to divide my pictures into categories and develop them into various art projects. Initially I will use them in my home and as I stage houses for sale but if they turn out really well, I may start a small etsy site. Time will tell.


Right now I am still dealing with overflowing e-mails, laundry and jet lag. I promise more details in the coming days.

Returning home was made a little easier since I always make my bed before I leave so it welcomes me home again. I also have a new appreciation for my very large master bathroom with large shower, hot water and great pressure.


If you want your home to welcome you after work or after a trip, contact me at or 443-812-6339.