Original art inspired by Italia

I finally made a decision about the pictures I took in Italy. I spent some time organizing them and thinking about what my first pieces of original art would be. I chose three detail pictures of capitals from Pompeii as well as a shot I took from underneath the larger forum in Pompeii.

100_0428 100_0433 100_0543

The capitals are being created as a three-part series. I was going to convert them to black and white or sepia but instead chose to leave them alone. They almost look like black and white pictures already and I liked the integrity of the original, unaltered pictures. I may go back to them later and add some overlays of color or texture to create a more contemporary version.

The view under the forum is a large tunnel that curves away from the viewer. I was hoping to get a good picture of its twin on the other side so I would have a pair. Unfortunately, that image was blurry. This one was also left in its original state and will be a gallery-wrapped canvas.


I can hardly wait to see them. According to the tracking, they should arrive tomorrow. I plan to keep these for myself but I intend to explore the possibility of creating additional pieces to sell through etsy, ebay or a local partnership.

I have several ideas for additional pieces. I have a series of buildings with flower boxes, a series of arches and a series that is just the texture of ancient stone-work. I am having difficulty deciding how much to alter them and what method of printing and framing. Some pieces scream to be over-sized while others might look best as 8″ squares and framed with glass.

I am so inspired by my family’s trip to Italy this past June.It is definitely influencing my color choices in my home.

How are you influenced by the places you visit? I would love to hear from you.


Until next time, make yours a

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