Inspiration, Epiphanies and a Fresh Start

I am a blogger who does not blog.


Because I have lost my spark. The spark of creativity, the spark of confidence that my perspective is unique and interesting.

I have gotten bogged down in thinking every blog post has to be perfect. It has to educate and show wisdom. It has to be carefully crafted and honed.

I have forgotten why I blog. It is to share my passion and my thoughts. It is to help inspire other people to take action. It can be all of those other things (smart, witty, educational, well-written) but mostly it should be fun to write and interesting to read. It doesn’t need be read like a book or a lesson.

I met a wonderful blogger, Jen Sergent, at the Capital Arts Network event last week. It was while having a casual conversation with her that she helped me realize I just need to remember why I started blogging and to stop taking it so seriously. I have all of these ideas I want to share with my readers but they don’t get published because I think every post has to be a golden nugget.

This is my announcement to world that I will change. Change is hard. I am going to want to edit and re-write this post…I will resist!

In the coming weeks you will see more posts from me. Some will be short and spontaneous.


I already know what my next three blogs will be about…stay tuned. I will discuss creating a forum to publicize Baltimore and Howard County design-related events, my bare bones walk-through of this year’s Historic Ellicott City Decorators’ Show House and Italy…I am going to Europe and it still doesn’t feel real.


Stay tuned! I promise more blogs will follow.


And as always, If you would like help creating your own “welcome home” you can reach me at