How to include your television in your decor

Deborah Huso at The Washington Examiner wrote a great article about how to incorporate your television into your room design. She interviewed me as one of her expert sources. You can Read all about it here

In the article she mentions Avery Studios as one source for elegant wall-mounted cabinets to enclose your flat screen. They do a beautiful job and it’s all custom.

The article doesn’t include pictures so I wanted to show you the custom media storage cabinet I designed for one of my clients.

custom media storage cabinet

Custom cabinet built by Mark Pawlak

Some people are not interested in hiding their television. Depending on the architecture of your space, the style of your decor and your personal preference, leaving your television out in the open is also a great option.

flat panel tv wall-mounted in bedroom

We chose to not hide the television for this client.

We were able to create a peaceful, luxurious space while also leaving the television out in the open.

Enjoy the article in the Washington Examiner!

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