Historic Ellicott City Decorator Show House 2013

Last night was the preview party for this year’s Show House. This year the Show House is taking place in Mt. Ida. This house is particularly relevant because it is in the hear of historic Ellicott City and it is also the headquarters for Historic Ellicott City, Inc. The group founded to preserve, educate and restore historic properties,  primarily in the Historic District of Ellicott City.

The house will open to the public on September 28th. Information about tickets, hours and directions can be found here.

Mt. Ida has been a show house once before in 1995. I was able to get pictures from that event and it will be very interesting to see how the house is being re-interpreted for 2013.


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I had the privilege of visiting the house while it was still being prepared for the designers’ work to begin.  The work was challenging but the crew from Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks was up to the task. They were led by Tim Nedzel and I had a chance to talk with him briefly as he described some of the projects they were working on to get the house ready. The talented crew  was working to repair plaster walls, replace missing moldings and opening up the original central hall by removing partition walls that were installed several decades ago.

I look forward to seeing the house after it opens and I hope you will come and support HEC, Inc. The funds raised will go toward supporting their mission of education and preservation.