Create the perfect master bedroom

The top 5 things to create the best master bedroom:


1. Lighting

Spread it around. A good rule of thumb is one on each night stand, One on top of your long, low dresser plus a ceiling fixture. If your room is dark you may want to add more but this works for most people.


I recommend that you have a comforter (or duvet), a light blanket, flat and fitted sheets, the pillows you and your significant other rest your head on, a pair of decorative pillow shams plus either a neck roll or large boudoir pillow. You can have more pillows if that’s your style but I believe that it should take you no more than 5 minutes to make your bed in the morning plus you need to find a place to put extra pillows each night.


100_02213. Storage

If you are lucky enough to have enormous closets then you may not need dressers. I find that most people need one dresser per adult plus a pair of bedside tables. You can have more pieces if your room is large enough. The bedside tables don’t need to match and you could use a small dresser on one side and a small desk on the other. It should be at least large enough to hold a lamp, an alarm clock and a book with room to spare. I prefer bedside tables with closed storage because inevitably I have things that need a place to live (like design magazines).


100_02574. Art

All art in your home should “speak” to you. You should relate to it on an emotional level. If you just choose it for the colors then you are missing an opportunity to create a space that reflects who you are and instead are creating an anonymous “show house”.  Pay attention to mood, subject matter and scale.



Color can influence mood and emotions so decide first what mood you are trying to create. Do you crave serenity, want energy, desire sensuality? The color scheme will play an enormous role in the emotional impact of your space. Typically, blues and greens are restful, yellows, reds and oranges are invigorating. You can add a lot of color with your paint or just a little in your accents.




So go ahead, create the master bedroom of your dreams or the ultimate guest bedroom. Follow these easy steps and add your own personality to the room.


If you want help creating your own “welcome home”, contact me at or 443-812-6339.