An eclectic collection of tables complete a family room

I am working with a couple to complete their family room and adjoining kitchen. They already own a new couch, love seat and arm chair and have chosen to paint their focal wall a bold burgundy accent color. The focal wall has the fireplace as well as their wall-mounted flat panel television.

The upholstered pieces are a warm beige/camel color and it came with accent pillows that inspired the burgundy accent wall. They have asked me to help them devise a practicla furniture layout as well as to choose the remaining pieces of furniture. They have a collection of Asian art that they want me to incorporate and you will see that I have suggested a few Asian inspired pieces to help tie it all together.

You can see my table selections at my Polyvore idea board. I love using Polyvore. It is a way for me to show a client how different pieces of furniture will work together in their space. I can save my sets and each item has a link to the web site where it can be purchased.

This is a great tool whether I am working with local clients or clients in other states.

If you would like me to help you pull together your rooms so that they are functional, practical and stylish, contact me at 443-812-6339 or at

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