Creating a Sophisticated and Moody Master Bedroom

One of my new projects is actually a gift I am giving to my sister and her husband. They have been married only a few years and are still making her house into their home. On my last visit they mentioned that they didn’t love their master bedroom. It was still builder beige, had no crown molding or window casing and was an uninspired space. They had just replaced their carpet with a rich looking laminate wood floor (I helped guide their choice) but now they were just stuck.

We were visiting the Norton Museum (they live in West Palm Beach) and one of the galleries was painted a gorgeous blue (Benjamin Moore, Evening Dove). Before I could say what I was thinking, her husband said how much he liked the color. I suggested it would make a great choice for their bedroom. They both agreed.


Benjamin Moore color Evening Dove as seen in a museum (not The Norton)


So I went home and started working out a plan for them. It includes crown molding, paint, art, lamps and mirrors. We are also addressing the master bathroom which I will discuss in another post.

Along with a floor plan (nothing really moved but I determined that there is space at the foot of the bed for our grandmother’s antique, french settee).I put together a collection of inspiration items as well as pictures of rooms that capture the mood. This will be a dark, sexy, sophisticated space. They always keep the blinds closed for privacy so we are going to embrace the dark. It definitely won’t be your typical sunny Floridian room.

Moody blue paint gives this bedroom a sophisticated look

Moody blue bedroom with white accents.

Tendril Gold Metal Ribbon Table Lamp

Sculptural metal lamp from Lamps Plus has a bit of glamour and can’t be broken by her three cats. Perfect on top of the dresser opposite the bed.

Safavieh Norwich Table Lamp (Set of 2) available at Target.

Mother of pearl lamps in rounded gourd shape adds some glimmer without being too feminine. Difficult for her cats to break these will work well as bedside lamps.

Antique french settee very similar to my grandmother's. We need to restore and re-upholster my grandmother's but it will look a lot like this when it's done.

Antique french settee very similar to my grandmother’s. We need to restore and re-upholster my grandmother’s but it will look a lot like this when it’s done.

Their bedroom furniture is limed oak and will look so much richer against Evening Dove than it does against the builder’s beige. Also our mother is a talented painter and is going to create a custom piece of art for above their bed. It is inspired by a piece they saw when the were traveling. It’s an impressionistic painting of a couple relaxing on the beach.

For more inspiration photos, you can visit my ideabook on Houzz.

I am so happy that I can help my sister and husband love their home. You can look forward to future posts as wok starts and installations begin.


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‘Til next time

Make yours a “Welcome Home”

Jill Valeri