Back to school shopping and a surprise package!

So I have been busy buying back-to-school clothing for my daughters (my son has no interest). They were thrilled when they checked the mail today and found some of their new things had arrived.

I was thrilled to discover that my very first piece of original art by an old friend (high school) had also arrived. Amy Hertzel is the artist behind Pseudopompous. She creates these intricate pieces from her imagination. Some look like sea creatures, others like something you would see under a microscope. The piece I have is from her “wig” collection. This is the piece I get to hang in my home. All of her images are protected so in order to see them, visit her website.

Amy has recently returned to the East coast from Texas. We hope to see her and her family in the coming weeks and show them around Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

I love this art and I have been walking around my house holding it up to various walls to decide where it will live.

Art can completely transform a space and is a highly personal choice. I always get my clients involved when choosing what art will be displayed in their home.

If you would like help choosing art or deciding how to display what you already own, contact me at or 443-812-6339